Creating a new technology product or service is a bold journey that starts with an idea. We help you prepare for the challenges ahead with guidance on intellectual property, system design, corporate formation, team building, project planning, and strategic management.

Recent projects include Warranty Web™ and Warranty Brain™. Please note: Warranty Web and Warranty Brain are trademarks and service marks of MindFusion.


  • Experienced facilitation counselors help build team consensus and get everyone looking to solve problems and find solutions.

  • Establishing a minimum viable product for end-user testing to fail fast or understand how to pivot towards success.

  • Accelerated sessions focus on advancing constructive feedback that moves the idea ahead by focusing the project direction.


"Their help in defining the product and creating a presentation deck got the attention of investors. We're getting a better response and have a clearer direction."

Richard D., Hexagonal System Structures