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The No Ordeal Deal - Do you remember the last time you were in the supermarket and the person in front of you pulled out a bunch of coupons and paid less for the same items that you bought? Or when your friend explained how they received 8% cash back by paying at the gas pump with a certain credit card.

Many people have a wallet full of credit, debit, and loyalty cards but they don't know which one offers the best rewards. Often, we use the same card to pay without thinking about how to maximize our rewards because it's inconvenient to review all the junk mail, flyers, and newspapers for the best deals. Dealibrium is integrated with PayBurst to accelerate your deal discoveries.This system uses Search-and-Stack to optimize payments.

PayBurst is a new system designed with Reward Sense to find the discount and reward offers issued by stores, merchants, and businesses as well as identify the various credit card and other payment methods you can use that will get you the rewards you want. Then, with the use of our patented technology, we put the two of them together in a way that allows you to get the rewards you prefer with every payment.


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